TV Friends Sitcom How You Doin? Women's Plus Size T-Shirt Tee

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Friends is a tv series that ran for 10 seasons and revolves around a circle of friends living in Manhattan. Joey Tribbiani one of the 6 friends. He has a famous pick-up line " How you doin?" that he likes to use while trying to find the opposite sex. This tee features the pick-up line on the front of the top in large white text. Made of 100% cotton and tagless for added comfort. So if you're a fan of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross or Phoebe then this top is a must for wardrobe. Sizing Equivalent: 00 = M/L, 0 = L, 1 = 1X, 2 = 2X, 3 = 3X, 4 = 4X, 5 = 5X, 6 = 6X