The Golden Girls Character Costume Outfits- Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, And Sophia

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Four mature women live together in Miami and experience the joys and angst of their golden years. Strong-willed Dorothy, spacey Rose, lusty Southern belle Blanche and matriarch Sophia, Dorothy's mom, occasionally clash but are there for one another in the end. Each one of these lovable characters costumes is available to get in this listing! First, we have Rose's light blue dress with allover floral print. It has a 4-button down upper and bow-tie collar. Second, we have Sophia's red lace collar dress with a delightful polka-dot and flower pattern. Third, we have Blanche's 2 piece jumper costume outfit that comes with a red dress and a silky green throw jacket. Last we have Dorothy's copper and purple cover robe. All these outfits are inspired by one of the famous group pictures. The material blends for each of the 4 costumes wil be in the bulletpoints of the list for that specific size and character style.