Team Ninja Shirt Youtube NinjasHyper Battle Royale Puff Head Boys T-Shirt

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Welcome to the competitive world of Fortnite. Where players go head to head in a free for all, duo or squads in an attempt to survive the shrinking survival area by the incoming storm. Not only do you airdrop from the "airbus" but you also start off weaponless. Players all over the world love this game but also love watching popular players from YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook like our friend Ninja (Tyler Blevins) formally known as NinjasHyper on YouTube. These personalities spend hours of game time trying to become the last standing survivor. This game has become a phenomenon and has become available in all different gaming platforms like Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and iPhone/Android phone apps. These popular personalities have taken their fame and branched it out into merchandise for everyone wear. You can find hoodies, tees, hats and many more.