Stranger Things Women's Distressed Group Logo Skimmer Long Sleeve Shirt Adult

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This is OFFICIALLY LICENSED MERCHANDISE OF THE STRANGER THINGS TELEVISION SERIES! This TV series follows the investigation of a young boy's disappearance and the supernatural events surrounding the insane world of the Upside Down! With cool characters like the Demogorgon, The Mind Flayer, and the telekinetic Eleven, what's not to love! This specific shirt is one of a kind and features a large distressed front graphic design of the Stranger Things logo with 7 of the characters, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Will, Eleven, Max, and Steve, silhouetted in a rising sun pattern. Creepy tendril hands from the Mind Flayer are reaching out to take them all! The long sleeve shirt has a skimmer crop top style cut. It is made out of 90% cotton / 10% polyester.