Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Photo Album Snacks Naps Juniors Shirt

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This is an OFFICIALLY LICENSED The Mandolarian Baby Yoda shirt! The Mandalorian is the new hit series from Star Wars and Disney. Din Djarin is a lone gunfighter and bounty hunter who is sometimes referred to as "Mando", a member of The Mandalorians, a clan of skilled warriors. When one of his bounties leads him to cross paths with a small being only known as the Child. Well, like most of the world, he falls for the little guy whose fans lovingly refer to as "Baby Yoda." This Baby Yoda shirt features two high-quality printed black and white graphics of The Child on the front of the tee. The top image is of The Child eating with the word "SNACKS" above it. The bottom image is of The Child taking a nap in his egg-like bassinet with the phrase "NAPS" below it.