Star Wars Light-Up Refillable Ink Lightsaber Pens 3 PC Set

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This is an officially licensed Star Wars pen set, Guaranteed!! Star Wars is one of the all-time great adventure sagas to ever hit the movie screen! The original 3 Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back, And Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi were a sight to behold and still wow us to this day! These Lightsaber pens are a must-have for any true Star Wars fan! This set features 3 designs of famous lightsabers from the show. Darth Vader's dread inspiring Red Lightsaber, Obi-Wan's Blue Lightsaber, and Luke Skywalkers Green Lightsaber. All three pens have a light-up function with an easy click -on and off top button. The ballpoint pens themselves twist at the bottom for easy use. They have black ink that is refillable.