Star Wars BB-8 Costume Fleece Robe (One Size)

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BB-8 is one of the most popular Star Wars characters in the new movies and has already reached icon status. He is the loyal companion of Poe Dameron but quickly follows Rey when separated from Poe. How does BB8 relax after a hard day of fighting Darth Ren and trying to free the people from oppression? He takes a bath and relaxes in his official BB8 Costume Bathrobe. Now you can step out of the shower or lay on the beach with this robe that features BB8's graphics. Not only does it keep him warm and snugly but the hood provides extra concealment in case Stormtroopers are near. Now you can be mistaken for BB-8 with this comfy bathrobe that is white with orange. It is perfect for lounging about the house to keep you warm or doubles as a great dress up costume.