Scooby Doo Costume Hat Beanie Embroidered Scooby Original Cartoon Network Face

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Officially licensed Scooby Doo product from Bioworld. The Scooby Doo cartoon tv series is an animated classic currently showing on the Cartoon Network . The cartoon has been kept alive from its original days on DVD. Every generation learns to love Scooby and his companions. Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne cruise around in their van known as the Mystery Machine solving the weird and unusual cases. The villains when caught always exclaim," I would have gotten away with it if not for these meddling kids." This Scooby Doo cuff beanie features cut fabric embroidery of Scooby's face with 3D Ears. There is an embroidered SD badge on the back of the beanie. A perfect winter weather hat. One size fits most adults or teens, ages 14 and up. This beanie cap will compliment your Scooby-Doo costume or shirt. Perfect for you Scooby themed party, birthday present or as a holiday gift for any Scooby Doo fan!