Peanuts Toddler Girls' Snoopy Holiday Christmas Soft Woven Pajama Nightgown

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This is an officially licensed Peanuts Christmas pajama set, guaranteed! If you grew up watching the classic Peanuts holiday films like A Charlie Brown Christmas, and have your children following in your footsteps, they will love these high-quality Peanuts Nightgown Pajamas! This Peanuts nightgown is made of an ultra-soft, woven polyester fabric blend that is flame-resistant and will have your young toddler wearing it more days in a row than you would probably like! The allover pattern features beloved characters from the comics and seasonal cartoons like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, Sally, and Schroeder in a winter atmosphere reminiscent of the holiday and Christmas season! The Snoopy nightgown features some great aesthetic designs like an embroidered white lace snowflake strip across the upper chest with a red ribbon interwoven and tied into a bow. The collar has a contrasting red neckline that is super stretchy and features a button closure at the back of the neck. The sleeves and the hem of the nightgown has a ruffled look with an elastic stretch at the wrists. You and your toddler are both goona love this Peanuts Granny gown!