Naruto Anime Hidden Leaf Village Ichiraku Ramen Enamel Lapel Pin and Banner Set

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Celebrate your love for Naruto with this unique Naruto Lapel Pin and Banner Set, featuring two intricately designed lapel pins and a felt banner. The first pin proudly displays the iconic Hidden Leaf Village logo, a symbol recognized by all Naruto enthusiasts, while the second pin features a detailed ramen noodle soup bowl design, inspired by Naruto's favorite food. Both pins are crafted from sturdy zinc alloy and feature embossed enamel colors. The combo pack also includes a small felt banner specifically designed for displaying pins like these. Showcasing a colorful and detailed Ichiraku Ramen design, this banner is the perfect backdrop for your Naruto pins. With trivets in each top corner, the banner is easily mounted on the wall, making it a convenient and stylish display piece. Measuring 12" (W) x 16" (H).