Men's Glow in The Dark Skeleton Costume Zip Hoodie

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Are you a lazybones who likes to last-minute their costume, or prefers simplicity and comfort over an outfit that ‘goes all-out’? Then you're going to love this costume hoodie! Time to get spooky with this full-face glow-in-the-dark zip hoodie! Whether you wear it as a costume, lounging at home, or out on the town, you can be sure to stay warm and comfortable. Perfect for outdoor parties and enjoying the weather of the colder months, the 100% polyester fleece will keep you cozy, and you can layer up underneath. The glow-in-the-dark design of the human skeleton appears on both the front and back, including the arms. Zip the sweater to the top, as the skull becomes a full face mask with eye holes to see out. The hoodie has a Day of the Dead style skeleton design