Hunter X Hunter Anime Manga Hisoka Morow Character 16 OZ. Tea Coffee Mug Cup

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This is an officially licensed Hunter X Hunter mug! Hunter x Hunter is a top-rated anime/manga series that revolves around Gon Freecss and his journey to become a hunter and find his father, Ging. The series features incredible characters like Gon, Killua Zoldyck, Kuripika, Hisoka, Neferpitou, Leorio, Meruem, and so many more! This marvelous Hunter x Hunter mug features a popular character from the series, Hisoka Morow, with a script logo, chibi-style character, and spade and club designs just like Hisoka has on his costume. These mugs hold 16 oz of your favorite beverage, whether it is coffee, tea, or Hot Cocoa, Hand Wash. Do Not Soak, and Do Not Microwave.