Harry Potter Journal Marauders Map Reusable Refillable Personal Faux Leather Journal Cover Notebook

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This is an officially licensed Harry Potter journal, guaranteed! If You Solemnly Swear You Are Up To No Good, then this Harry Potter Marauders Map Refillable journal is for you! It is made of vegan-friendly faux leather material with the classic marauder's map design on the front and red edging with footprint impressions. It has a double knot and loop closure to keep your writings a secret! It comes with an insert guide on how to cut future books to fit inside the cover. Perfect for Bullet Journals, Bible Journals, Prayer Journals, Pregnancy Journals, Travel Journals, Fitness Journals, or any other type of writing journals. It fits refills of approx. 8.5 in x 5.5 in (210mm x 130mm) notebooks best