Harry Potter Hedwig Owl With Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Broche Brooch Enamel Pin

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Harry Potter is the magical world that was created by J.K Rowling and has since become one of the most popular book and film series of all-time! This super high-quality enamel pin is a great design of harry's Owl Hedwig, soaring with wings expanded, and a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter in its beak ready to deliver it! The enamel is a wonderful pearly swirling design with gleaming gold base metal back and outlining. It is 2.5" wide from wingtip to wingtip and 1.5" from wingtip to tail. It has 2 pin closure to make sure it stays put! As soon as you get this in your hand you will know it is a quality pin for women, men, boys, and girls!