Game of Thrones House Stark Lanyard ID Holder & Charm Badge With Sticker

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Each of the noble Houses of the Seven Kingdoms have their own official family motto, or "words". These usually take the form of boasts or threats, used as battle-cries, such as House Baratheon's words "Ours is the fury!", or House Tully's words "Family, Duty, Honor". House Stark is a major exception in that unlike most other Houses, its words are not a boast or a threat but the ominous warning "Winter is coming". This officially licensed Game of Thrones lanyard features a reversible design with the Stark house motto “Winter is Coming”. It features Safety break away neck clasp, lower buckle release, clear Id sleeve with a rubber Direwolf charm, and collectible Stark House sticker. Perfect gift for fans of popular Game of Thrones series on HBO.