Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Boys' Freddy Fazebear Kids Crew Socks 1 Pair

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These vibrant boys' crew socks are designed with a theme centered around Freddy Fazbear, the iconic character from the popular video game and movie series Five Nights at Freddy's. The socks are adorned with a detailed depiction of Freddy. To bring an element of fun and interactivity, these socks include two unique 3D features: a 3D felt hat that protrudes from the top edge of the socks and a 3D bowtie attached to the front, enhancing the character's classic look. These socks are Crafted from a blend of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. These socks offer softness and stretch, providing comfort and flexibility for all-day wear. These socks are designed to fit sock sizes 7-9 and shoe sizes 10-4, catering specifically to younger fans of the franchise.