Disney Men's Peter Pan Captain Hook Smee Tick Tok The Croc Men's T-Shirt

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Peter Pan is an animated musical comedy from Walt Disney Amination. The story was originally called Peter and Wendy. It is about a boy who never wants to grow up. Along with his gang, the Lost Boys, Peter lives in Neverland. When he meets Wendy he takes her and her brothers on a great adventure. This officially licensed t-shirt features a front graphic the of the villains of Neverland. Included are Captain Hook and Smee. The Captain's nemesis Tick Tock the Croc is alos pictured. It is "the place between sleep and awake where you till remember dreaming" on the front. Made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester and tagless for added comfort. Look for the care and washing instructions printed on the inside of the collar. This shirt would make a great addition to your collection. Makes a great gift too.