Culture Fly Schitt's Creek Town Shops Ew David No Show Adult 5 PK Ankle Socks

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This pack is 100% Officially Licensed Shitt's Creek merchandise. Schitt's Creek is a hilarious Canadian sitcom that will keep you laughing with lovable characters and a great storyline. The show revolves around a family that loses their fortune and is forced to move to a small town that is anything but the luxurious life the Rose family is used to. These 5-pack no-show socks feature 5 different designs that you can mix and match to make the perfect combination depending on how you are feeling for the day. Designs of "Ew, David", Bob's Garage, Rosebud Motel, Blouse Barn, and Rose Apothecary are perfect for fans of this hilarious sitcom. They are made of super soft and stretchy material that will keep your feet comfy all day long. These are a must for any Schitt's Creek fan.