Cowboy Bebop Anime Men's Ein the Corgi Data Dog Adult Lounge Pajama Pants

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This is an officially licensed Cowboy Bebop pajama pant! Cowboy Bebop is a popular anime series that ran for only 26 episodes, to the chagrin of fans and critics alike. It is still considered one of the best animes of its time to this day and still commands a strong following. The series followed a traveling bounty hunter crew that consisted of Spike, Jet Black, Faye, Edward, and Ein the Corgi. These specific Cowboy Bebop pajama pants are dedicated to Ein the Corgi, aka Data Dog, with a tremendous all-over print. These anime pajama pants are incredibly soft 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex fabric blend that is perfect for lounging around the house! You will love them.