AC/DC Men's Distressed Lightning Bolt Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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AC/DC Is an Australian hard rock band formed in 1974 and became a pioneer of Hard rock and heavy metal music. Among several different albums, such as Highway To Hell and Back In Black, they released the album High Voltage in 1976. some of the most popular hard rock albums of all-time such as Highway To Hell and Back In Black. With Malcolm and Angus Youngs starting the band and having great lead singers like Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, and even Axl Rose, the band continues to have large tours throughout the world. If you are a fan of hard rock, classic rock, or heavy metal, you will love this officially licensed AC/DC adult tee. The shirt has a distressed lightning bolt symbol with AC/DC off to the side. This tee is perfect for fans of the band or their music!