Accessory Innovations Character Christmas Holiday Beanie

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A Christmas Story is truly one of the most well known, and beloved holiday comedy films of all-time! There are so many classic scenes, scenarios, and script lines in the movie, it is hard not to fall back in love with the movie every time you watch it! One of those classic scenes I was speaking of is when poor Ralphie opens his present from Aunt Clara and takes out the infamous Pink Bunny suit. After putting it on he is told he looks like a deranged Easter Bunny and a Pink Nightmare! But we love it! This Laplander beanie cap is styled after the hilarious gift with a bright pink color, bunny ears on top, and hanging tassels on each side that are synonymous with the Laplander beanie style. It also features a high quality embroidered A Christmas Story Logo on it. it is made out of a super soft acrylic fabric