Nintendo Adult Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Tropical Soft Cotton Pajama Pants

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These are Officially Licensed Donkey and Diddy Kong Pajama Pants. Donkey Kong started out in a game of his name where he would roll barrels trying to beat the jump man who later becomes Mario. Diddy Kong is the lovable nephew of Donkey Kong and has become a favorite character in the Mario video game franchise. First appearing in the game Donkey Kong Country, he has branched out into several different games as a sidekick character or the main protagonist. These soft-touch cotton sleep pants feature Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong with a cool allover tropical design. Diddy is wearing his signature red Nintendo hat. Each lounge pant is made of ultra-soft cotton fabric that will have you wanting to wear them and snuggle up to a good movie or book every day! They feature a fat-lace drawstring closure made of super sturdy fabric that won't run.