MARVEL IRONMAN 4L Thermoelectric Cooler or Warmer

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Iron Man is a Marvel Comics superhero created by Stan Lee. As Tony Stark (Iron Man) likes to point out he is a billionaire, playboy, and industrialist. Tony Stark suffered a chest injury during a kidnapping. He is forced by his captors to develop a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he builds a technologically advanced armored suit which he uses to escape. Thus, Iron Man is born. With the release of Iron Man 3 and earlier the Avengers, there isn't a bigger superhero than Iron Man. Interior Capacity: 6 cans of 12oz soda or 4L/.14 cu. ft. Exterior measurement: 10.5" high 7.5" wide 10.5" deep, Power: Plugs into a standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket.