Harry Potter Ravenclaw Diadem Hufflepuff Cup Gryffindor Sword Nagini Hedwig Thestral Phoenix 6 Piece Enamel Pin Set

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Harry Potter is the magical world that was created by J.K Rowling and has since become one of the most popular books and film series of all-time! This Harry Potter pin set features 6 pins 3 representing Horcruxs from the series, and 3 representing magical creatures. There is Rowena Ravenclaws Diadem, Helga Hufflepuffs Cup, and A Godric Griffindor Sword and Nagini the Snake for the Horcruxes. There is a Thestral, Hedwig the Owl, and Fawkes the Phoenix pin representing 3 of the magical creatures. Every pin is done in intricate details, some with enamel coloring. Each pin has a 2 pin closure back to hold the brooch in place.